The haze is lifting….

20 11 2007

Training done for the day. Just finished eating my 22 pieces of sushi for 5$. I’m buying Japanese food when I’m about to be in Japan for the next year. hehehe I’m smart . But it was good. Time to get to work though after this post.

Second day thoughts on Vancouver: 1. Definitly bigger than I first thought 2. Lots of cool fountains 3. Lots of Asians. 4. No refills in Canada suck! That should come with the customs packet they give you in the airport. Never get 4 cokes in at a restaurant in Canada or you’ll be like this. 

So I now know my school name and that I’ll be picked up at the airport by Tom. I also know my address. Which obivously means nothing before I see the place and the area. That’s basically all I know. Tommorrow will reveal my actual schedule. Hope its easy. I did learn today though that if you work on Saturday you don’t start untill 1pm, which leaves PLENTY of party time for Friday night! haha. Sweet.

Alright I have to finish my lesson plan props. Here’s a boring sample.

A1 : Which do you prefer, ____ or _____?

Yep that’s it. You don’t realize how hard that is to teach untill you have to fill up 30 minutes with it.
I’ll leave you with the excellent singing of Mika Nakashima in the awesome movie NANA. Watch it and Enjoy.




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