Phase 1 Completed.

19 11 2007

After 0 hours of sleep, 9 hours of flight time, sweating more than a whore in church, I made it into the land of Vancouver. Initial thoughts are; wow downtown looks awesome, everything else seems average. It’s got like a small city feel that I like. Well see how my feelings differ after a week here.

First off got to say I had one of the best send offs a person could ask for. 10 or so of my closest friends coming out to have a fun time for one last time. At least for the next 12 months. I’ll try to some it up. Wii + alcohol + emotional goodbyes = Solid Party.  

                                 Kids Party

                                  Who made the penis balloon shape for the kid?

Got to be honest the plane ride was one hell of a ride in terms of emotions. Since I got NO sleep the night before, sadness came in waves only as my tired mind would allow it. Having my dad and some good friends send me off at the airport was nice though. Didn’t help I had to carry 100 pounds of luggage while running to my terminal while sweating buckets. While actually on the plane though I would go through streches of Is this worth it? How can I do this? I guess I will find that out soon enough.

I have some work to do for the start of training tommorrow so I better start on that. It’s time to get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’. You are so right Brooks. 

                                                   Shawshank Brooks




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19 11 2007

i wanna visit vancouver sometime. it sounds nice. have a nice trip!

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