No Sleep till Vancouver

15 11 2007

2 more full days till I blow this popstand for training in Vancouver. Packing is tough. I wish I could just take my whole wardrobe but that would result in a bag that weighs 100 pounds and will cost me 85$ extra. I’m sure I’ll end up doing that anyways. My goal is to not forget anything important, but I’m sure I will. 😦 Packing is also a very zen like thing to do. It’s hard not to think about things. With Maiden as my backround music, I can feel the winds of change starting to flow through me.

In Japan I’ll be living in the Fukuoka Prefecture on the island of Kyushu. I’m not sure how I feel about my placement. Seems like a ok sized city which is good, pretty far from Tokyo which isn’t good, but close to Fukuoka which a lot of people have told me is awesome so thats a good thing. So two out of three ain’t bad. I’m just ready to get this thing going. It’s been a long time coming. 

                                                    I’m like two millimeters under the red dot.

                                              Map of japan/fukuoka

So many unanswered questions. It’s sort of a weird feeling to know so much of my next year of living will be chosen by chance. I have no control how far away I am from my working place, grocery stores, restaurants.  I have no clue how cool or uncool my students, coworkers, neighbors will be. But it’s sort of exciting as well.  It’s sort of like I was in a Pro sports draft waiting for any city to take me. I was selected in the 4th round by Kyushu, it seems. Time for training camp. I’m nervous. I’m excited. I’m on my way. 

                                          Japan Draft





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